Track the voices that matter

Listen to, engage with and influence the most important thinkers, commentators and leaders in your field.

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Cut through the pain

Replace the grind of monitoring, collating and cross-referencing stakeholder data with a fast, functional easy to use system.

Quick, easy analysis

Identify and qualify the influential voices you need to hear; whether it’s academics, journalists, politicians or relevant organisations.

Shape the conversation

Understand the topic and agenda before engaging credible stakeholders, then return full circle to monitor and measure the media impact.

Media monitoring evolved

Built by users

Every function developed from user feedback. An efficient and intuitive tool to distil and share valuable information.

Distilled big data

Global data from millions of media sources refined to key issues, alerts and reports. Personalised for individuals and teams.

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Real-time Alerts

Personalised alerts delivered where and when you want them; so you never miss the latest top stories and opinions.

Intelligence on the go

Works across all devices, screen sizes and browsers. Real-time intelligence on any platform.

Bespoke interface

Personalised to your specification and delivered with dedicated support. Outcider will keep you on top of constant change.

Complexity, simplified

Outcider takes the mystery out of media analysis and stakeholder engagement. We turn complex information and big ideas into simple recommendations and clear results. Our insights and intelligence drive your competitive advantage.

Targeted intelligence

In a world of a million voices, we make sure you only hear what matters. Our platform navigates the sea of data, identifying relevant trends, credible stakeholders and key information.


Measurable business impact

Clear direction, actionable information and decision shaping intelligence. A tool to protect your reputation, manage any crisis and ensure you focus on the stories and opinions that could impact your business.


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