Total Media Intelligence

Built by Analysts for Analysts

We believe our monitoring software is the only one on the market designed specifically for agencies. Developed through media analyst feedback, it effectively delivers alerts, reports and metrics from traditional, social and political data combined.

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Win new business

Media monitoring and stakeholder analysis combined, so you know your prospects before they know you.

Retain clients

Branded platform with integrated reports and stakeholder directory designed to tie in clients to your services.

Make more money

Multi-purpose platform designed to deliver value added services efficiently, helping you generate additional revenue from analysis.

Built by users
Every function developed from user feedback. An efficient and intuitive tool to distil and share valuable information.

Distilled big data
Global data from millions of media sources refined to key issues, alerts and reports. Personalised for individuals and teams.

Real-time Alerts
Personalised alerts delivered where and when you want them; so you never miss the latest top stories and opinions.

Intelligence on the go
Works across all devices, screen sizes and browsers. Real-time intelligence on any platform.

Bespoke interface
Personalised to your specification and delivered with dedicated support. Outcider will keep you on top of constant change.


Media analysis and stakeholder engagement is too often presented as a dark art. We take out the subtle and the subjective, turning complex media data into valuable business intelligence. No more mystery. Just clear competitive advantage.



When everyone’s shouting, it’s hard to know what to listen to. Our platform navigates the sea of data, identifying the trends, credible stakeholders and key information. Tune out the background noise, listen only to the voices that matter and make only the interventions that count.

business impact

Not just value ‘added’, this is value proved, quantified and analysed – a tool that offers the actionable intelligence for protecting reputations, managing crises and focusing on the stories that resonate.


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