Our latest media analysis platform has taken 10 years to build! That’s because it’s version 4.0 and the functionality has evolved through client feedback and a drastically changed media landscape.

Of course, the latest technologies help too, but its the wealth of experience, knowledge and genuine insight we have earnt by doing the hard miles as media analysts. We have tried, failed and succeeded enough times to actually believe that we may finally know what we are doing! That said, we are never complacent and will always do our best to do better.

To all of our clients and colleagues that have worked with us in the last decade; thank you. Without you we would not have a product we genuinely believe is one of the best on the market. You differentiate us by putting up with our regular requests for feedback on usability, functionality and actions taken from our reports. You believed in Outcider before we had the experience we do today and you shared our vision of getting more from media data.