We call it clever, squared

We combine really smart people with even smarter technology, to help our clients master the media information that matters to them

The all in one solution

An ocean of information. Too vast to navigate, too complex to analyse and too much to understand.

Dedicated analyst

Every last detail, in granular depth, passed to you without weighting or analysis. A task instead of a tool.

What do you need?

The meaning and impact of the information. Swapping volume for value, creating and sharing content.

Our approach

Outcider makes today’s crowded, complex and ever-evolving media landscape easier to navigate. We blend human expertise with smart software to mine the value in media and political data. We distil this data to deliver powerful business information and valuable content. All delivered to you via tailored media alerts, management reports and content digests.

We support you in reputation and crisis management, in building sustainability and relationships. Whatever your need, our services add value, shape strategies and inform decision making.

It might sound complicated but we understand the value of simplicity. Our platform is user-friendly, mobile optimised and offers bespoke features. Further to this, our relationship style and the service we offer is friendly and down to earth.

So, if you’d like to know more or see a demonstration of what we can do; please click the link below or give us a call.

Our clients

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