Look beyond the story to the source, with uniquely powerful software than unearths the voices that matter on the issues impacting your business – letting you listen, track and engage the most credible and influential stakeholders.


It’s a cycle of constant improvement – finding your stakeholders, understanding their perspective, listening to their voices and engaging with them – before evaluating your impact, tweaking the approach and doing it all again.


With a simple, topic-focused search of millions of global media sources, you identify the influential voices you need to hear – from academics and journalists, to politicians and organisations.


Media data sources


Plot their areas of expertise, chart their connections and map their interactions – building a clear visual reference of influence, sentiment and shifting opinion.


With a comprehensive picture of how your stakeholders think, what they say and when they say it, 5hytyou’ll know who, where and how to engage through targeted communications.


Outcider integrates with your CMS, as well as global journalist databases, exporting stakeholder groups and individuals contacts – giving you the tools to reach out and influence the influencers.

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