Outcider for public affairs agencies

Delivering meaningful content requires a detailed understanding of your client’s key issues and stakeholder audience. Outcider powers the quality content that drives agency credibility. It also adds significant value through efficiencies of time and resources.

Key benefits

  • White labelled interface for client login
  • Turn media monitoring into revenue
  • Massive time savings
  • Built in reports and newsletters
  • Bespoke alerts for individuals and teams
  • Full mobile functionality

Incredibly credible

To be valuable content must be accurate, timely and relevant. To stay competitive, communications teams must deliver work that stands up to scrutiny.

‘Fake news’ is bad news for agency credibility. Outcider scours broadsheets, journals and digital media to find credible news and extract authentic stakeholders. We dig beneath the headlines with keywords and context filters to get to the truth and real agendas.

Outcider’s innovative quality controls source the best story, topic or location. When connected to a directory of qualified stakeholders, this delivers you the business, social and political content and contacts that your clients will value.

Create knowledge & value

Our system provides stakeholder information based on credible data, to ensure you keep your clients accurately informed. We add value by going beyond statistics, to find perspective on vital issues, delivered to you via real-time reporting.

Our platform insight will become integral to successful tenders, pitches and campaigns, ensuring you show clients the content standards they can expect from your agency.

Less time, more impact

Outcider delivers impressive time-savings. Our software takes care of the manual research on key topics and influential stakeholders, freeing up time to get on with tasks that deliver commercial impact.

Using Outcider you can deliver content focussed on known stakeholder interests and agendas, on behalf of your clients, that is up-to-date, accurate and engaging.

Beyond the bottom line, your clients will become more reliant on your advice and input, thus securing long-term partnerships.

Find out just how much time our system could save your agency.