Say goodbye to the data slog

Delivering meaningful content requires a detailed understanding of your client’s key issues and stakeholder audience. Outcider powers the quality content that drives agency credibility. It also adds significant value through efficiencies of time and resources.


  • White labelled interface – make it yours
  • Puts monitoring, analysis and engagement into one integrated system
  • Turn stakeholder tracking into a valuable revenue stream
  • Massive time savings
  • Built-in reports and newsletters
  • Bespoke alerts and tracking for individuals and teams
  • Fully mobile for a remote-working world

Incredibly credible

Your credibility is everything. There’s no room for fake news in your content or your analysis. Outcider keeps you competitive even while the grey areas between fact, fiction and opinion get even greyer.

We look at 2.5 million media sources – scouring broadsheets, journals and digital media to find credible news and extract authentic stakeholders. We also look beyond the usual keywords, with context filters and quality controls to look beyond the headlines and source the best story, topic or location.

Combine it all with a directory of your clients’ stakeholders, and you have a tool that delivers the business, social and political content and contacts that long, valuable client relationships are built on.

Work that wins business

When competitive advantage comes down to price, you’re struck in a race to the bottom. Aim higher.

Outcider equips you with the kind of stakeholder intelligence with real value to your clients: real-time reporting, deep-rooted insight, informed analysis and more.

It’s far more than a few useful stats. It’s the difference for winning campaigns, tenders and pitches.

Less cut and paste. More track and engage.

Outcider delivers impressive time-savings. Our software takes care of the manual research on key topics and influential stakeholders, freeing up time to get on with tasks that deliver commercial impact.

Using Outcider you can deliver content focussed on known stakeholder interests and agendas, on behalf of your clients, that is up-to-date, accurate and engaging.

Beyond the bottom line, your clients will become more reliant on your advice and input, thus securing long-term partnerships.

Find out just how much time our system could save your agency.