Outcider for Enterprise

Corporate, medium-sized and trade association organisations need to do more than just monitor the media. They rely on the refined, strategy-shaping content and stakeholder intelligence that Outcider delivers.

Key benefits

  • Improved decision making based on enhanced business insight
  • Better business and employee alignment via improved internal communications
  • Significant cost savings through a reduction in manual data processing
  • Increased productivity as employees can access data and intelligence on any device

Share best-in-class media intelligence

Media can offer businesses intelligence around product demand, stakeholder perception and market trends. Outcider goes beyond the norm, unearthing the things you didn’t know. We’ll help you to hone in on the “what should be keeping me awake at night?” intelligence. So you’re always on the front foot, making the decisions that matter.

Unlike our competition, we don’t distil data and pretty it up with a few colourful charts. At Outcider, we harness technology and analyst knowledge to deliver you business-critical outputs.

“I love the reports. They help me understand the big picture globally and also see where I might focus more effort. I think the format is easily understood and to the point. Lots of information shared quickly and concisely.”

A media health check, in your pocket

Listening to key stakeholder opinions by tracking news, journals, blogs and social media data on a global scale is a challenging task. Capturing everything of relevance means producing massive reports with minimal impact. For people short on time, emails stay unopened or monitoring platforms go ignored.

The Outcider platform is mobile optimised allowing access to insight on the go. We empower you with the ability to search, distil and refine data on the way to your next meeting. Giving you easy access to the powerful intelligence that influences decision-makers.

“Your daily media summaries on sustainability issues are great. I try to read them all on my mobile and I have to say I benefit a lot”

Future-facing intelligence

Insight doesn’t always match up to the expectation of powerful intelligence. Typical media analysis offers a snapshot of generic content overlaid with subjective analysis. Sentiment measures are misleading and stakeholder analysis lacks depth. Recognising the difference between the truth and the headlines is the real insight.

Typical media analysis is also retrospective, gauging reactions to your latest product or initiative. Outcider provides the tools to look beyond the horizon. We help you explore the full media landscape. With our platform, you’ll gain a handle on sentiment and find foresight via the insight we deliver. Gaining invaluable strategic intelligence to prepare for what’s coming next.

“The weekly newsletter is very well received by the team. It’s a great summary of the top stories and trends that could impact on our business and a valuable discussion document for our weekly meeting”

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